East Coast Baijiu strives to become the leading manufacturer of Chinese Baijiu outside of China. Baijiu is the world’s best selling spirit, representing over 30% of all the spirits sold in the world. In Australia, we are in a special position to create and provide Baijiu lovers with amazing high-quality Baijiu. Sorghum, Baijiu’s main ingredient, is Australia’s largest summer crop and we export a great deal of it every year to China for the purpose of making Baijiu. Our access to high-quality Australian Sorghum and Australia’s well-established wine and spirits industry means we can create classic Baijiu styles as well as new and exciting Baiju flavors aged in various wine and spirit oak barrels.

East Coast Baijiu Kaoliang Aged on American Oak
East Coast Baijiu Aged on American Oak 3 pack
East Coast Baijiu Kaoliang Aged on French Oak
East Coast Baijiu Kaoliang Variety 3 Pack